Maine’s island and coastal communities have resilient economies. 

By working alongside Maine’s island and coastal communities to enhance marine livelihoods, support small businesses, invest in the creative economy, and address critical issues, we strive to build economic resilience so these communities can thrive.

Equitable access to education and the development of a strong workforce is key to this resilience and crucial for both a healthy economy and the strength and sustainability of year-round island and coastal towns.

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Goal 1

Maine’s Coastal County Labor Force Size = 525,000

Goal 2

Maine’s Coastal County Unemployment Rate < 5%




A low unemployment rate is a traditional sign of a healthy economy. To meet growing demand and the aging of our current workforce, Maine will require a labor force of 700,000 workers, and its coastal counties will contribute 525,000 workers to this workforce. These two metrics together show that Maine’s island and coastal communities are resilient to challenges that come from economic uncertainty.

Total Labor Force of Maine’s Coastal Counties

Annual Average Unemployment Rate of Maine’s Coastal Counties