Our new strategic framework focuses the Island Institute teams on where we are best positioned for impact and real-world outcomes. By measuring our impact with defined goals, we ensure accountability and transparency. The impacts and outcomes below, along with the supporting data, help clarify the contribution we seek to make in Maine and beyond.


Through our work, the Island Institute seeks to ensure that Maine’s island and coastal communities are invested in creating strong leaders, have resilient economies, and are at the forefront of implementing climate solutions.

 “Impacts are what we hope for, but outcomes are what we work for.”

Author of The Nonprofit Outcomes Toolbox and former consultant to Charity Navigator


By working alongside Maine’s island and coastal leaders to build community sustainability, we are focused on a future where:

Maine’s island and coastal leaders have the skills and resources to enact community-wide efforts in anticipation of and response to rapid change.

Maine’s island and coastal residents have high-quality internet connections to support remote work and distance education.

Maine’s island and coastal workforce has relevant skills in the digital economy, creative economy, and climate change response trades.

Maine’s island and coastal businesses identified as too critical to fail are prepared for consequences of climate change and social and economic upheaval.

Maine’s island and coastal communities have progressed toward climate readiness through investment in local infrastructure projects or engagement in regional initiatives.