Maine’s working waterfront is a critical part of our state’s blue economy and has come under intense pressure in recent years due to rapid development, climate change, and global economic forces. Currently, less than 20 miles of our 5,000 miles of coastline remain as working waterfront. Losing waterfront access points will mean the loss of jobs and the loss of livelihoods for Mainers and their families.

We are excited that a portion of the recently approved $40 million in the state budget dedicated to the Land for Maine’s Future (LMF) Program includes support for Maine’s working waterfronts. With $4 million of these funds earmarked for the Working Waterfront Access Protection Program (WWAPP), which the Maine Department of Marine Resources administers in partnership with LMF, we have the opportunity to act now and sustain our vital working waterfronts. We anticipate that a call for WWAPP projects will be coming out this winter.

Learn more about Maine’s working waterfronts and the work to preserve and protect them at the following links: