The Maine Islands Coalition (MIC) is a collaboration of island communities, facilitated by Island Institute staff, that discusses and, when possible, reaches consensus on issues brought forward by its appointed community representatives.

The Maine Islands Coalition has been meeting remotely since March 2020.

Initiated at a meeting hosted by the Institute in the fall of 2002, and formally organized in 2003, the Maine Islands Coalition sets its own agenda and schedules meetings four to five times a year. The purpose of the group is to provide a consistent—if not always unified—voice for islands in Augusta, to the press, and to outside groups. Since islands are generally sparsely populated, this provides a group of citizens with common interests and problems a stronger voice at the state level.

Maine Islands Coalition representatives are selected by town officials in order to make sure that the representatives are somehow accountable to the people they represent. A term of appointment lasts three years, and there are no term limits.

For more information about the Maine Islands Coalition, please contact:

Roger Berle, MIC Co-Chair, Cliff Island
Email: | Phone: (207) 781-5331

Donna Wiegle, MIC Co-Chair, Swan’s Island
Email: | Phone: (207) 526-4101

Kate Tagai, Senior Community Development Director, Island Institute
Email: | Phone: (207) 594-9209, ext. 116

MIC Representatives

MIC representatives and alternates are appointed or elected by the governing officials of the town or in the case of non-municipal islands, a local association or civic group of the community.

Meeting Minutes