Maine’s island and coastal residents have high-quality internet connections to support remote work and distance education.


In 2020, 89,000 residents were underserved or unserved by a lack of access to high-quality internet in Maine


100% of Maine’s underserved and unserved residents will have high-quality internet connections by 2030.
(i.e. 0 residents are underserved or unserved in Maine by 2030)

Broadband Availability in Maine

The following map is provided by the ConnectMaine Authority in accordance with its mission to define unserved and underserved areas in the state and to support local and regional broadband planning. The data is created using information reported by providers to the Authority and/or the FCC during the last reporting cycle. The data shown here currently reflects information provided by the FCC through June of 2019 with some direct reporting to ConnectMaine by some providers through May of 2021.

The tools on this application provide a way to learn which service providers are operating within a given locality or general location and the level of service for a given area as defined by the ConnectMaine standard for effective broadband service levels. To explore this interactive map further, click on the image below, or visit: https://maps.sewall.com/connectme/public/ 

Note: The speed threshold for residents considered “served” was recently changed from a minimum 25mbps/3mbps to 50mbps/10mbps. This will likely increase the number of underserved and unserved residents in Maine, but the new analysis has not been completed yet.