We support community leaders by helping make their voices heard on the state and federal policy issues that affect our coastal and island communities. Our Policy team works with state legislators, department leaders, and other organizations to raise awareness of these issues and influence decision-making and long-term support for Maine. Learn more about our current priorities and how you can get involved.


Expanding access to broadband through increased state funding and improved state funding structures is our top policy priority. Significant public funding is coming and communities should make sure they are ready to apply for these funds.

Working Waterfront Protection

Maine’s working waterfront has come under intense pressure in recent years due to rapid development, climate change, and global economic forces. Currently, less than 20 miles of our 5,000 miles of coastline remain as working waterfront.

Ferries and Island Transportation

Ferry, water taxi, and air services provide more than just transportation to and from island communities. Any changes made to these crucial services affects many aspects of the communities that rely on them.

Other Issues We're Watching

In addition to our key policy priorities, we're always keeping our eye on a wide array of issues impacting Maine's island and coastal communities. Learn more about some of the other policy pieces and related issues that we're currently watching.