Sea Level Rise Lecture with Kennebec Estuary Land Trust

Susie Arnold
Dr. Susie Arnold

Sea level rise is a reality that will test Maine’s coastal communities and economies. The Kennebec Estuary Land Trust (KELT) will host Island Institute Marine Scientist Dr. Susie Arnold for a virtual lecture on sea level rise and its current and projected impacts on the Maine coast.

The virtual lecture will take place on Thursday, March 3 at 6 p.m. and will provide insights into the science of sea level rise as well as the actions being taken by coastal communities to reduce its effects.

Participants are welcomed and encouraged to ask questions during the Q&A portion of the lecture.

Registration is free and required in order to receive the Zoom link for the presentation. The Zoom link will be sent out to registrants upon registration.


About the speaker:

As a marine scientist at the Island Institute, Dr. Susie Arnold works on the impacts of climate change and ocean acidification on marine resources and fisheries-dependent communities. Her current areas of focus include working with fishermen to diversify their businesses to include shellfish and seaweed aquaculture, researching the environmental benefits of farming edible seaweed, and helping coastal communities better understand the implications of sea level rise so they can make informed adaptation decisions. Susie earned a master’s degree in marine policy and a doctoral degree in marine biology from the University of Maine.