The Island Institute has published a new study that describes the growth potential for Maine’s edible seaweed market over the next fifteen years.

More than 95% of edible seaweed products found in the U.S. are currently imported, yet Maine waters provide the perfect conditions for growing quality sea vegetables locally. Maine aquaculturists are harvesting a highly nutritious, organic product and are seeing a surge in interest in edible seaweed across the country. This study provides the most up-to-date analysis of Maine’s edible seaweed market conditions and indicates how investments in this sector could enhance Maine’s coastal economy by diversifying marine livelihoods and providing new supply-chain businesses and jobs.

The Edible Seaweed Market Analysis report is designed to be a critical resource for anyone associated with the Maine seaweed aquaculture industry. This report documents the size and nature of the business opportunity and identifies the requirements for sustainable growth.


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