Report lays out Maine’s latest climate projections.

The Scientific Assessment of Climate Change and Its Effects in Maine

Portland Press Herald
Posted 2024-06-27

Published by Portland Press Herald on June 18, 2024. 

Scientists and working groups weigh in on all aspects of climate change, from heat waves to soaring pollen counts to sea level rise, to help the Maine Climate Council set new goals for the second installment of Maine Won’t Wait, the state’s climate action plan.

Maine must pick up the pace of climate preparations by redoubling its efforts and opening up its wallet to prepare for the warmer, wetter, stormier future that scientists say, in many cases, is already here, according to the Maine Climate Council.

One council member after another emphasized the urgency of the climate crisis at its Tuesday meeting, where the council received a 268-page climate science report and proposals on how to cut emissions to soften the blow and prepare the people, economy and natural places for what is coming.

“We are in a fight against the climate,” said Linda Nelson, a council member and the economic development director in Stonington. “We have blown past mitigation where I live. All we can focus on is adaptation. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off. It’s nice to say that, but that adaptation, well, that is really difficult.”

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