BDN Climate: Coastal resilience and sea level rise

Bangor Daily News
Posted 2020-09-28

We know that climate change is dangerously affecting our planet. The topic of climate change can seem overwhelming, and our goal is to use these discussions as a jumping off point for a series of locally-grounded and useful material that Mainers will find helpful in thinking through how the climate crisis is affecting their communities.

Watch as our panel of experts discuss coastal resilience and sea level rise in Maine. This is the first of four conversations in our BDN Climate Conversations series. Each event features a panel of experts and is moderated by an editor at the BDN. These conversations are meant to be insightful and informative as we tackle topics that touch all corners of our state.

Guest speakers:

  • Joe Kelley, marine geologist and professor at the University of Maine School of Earth and Climate Sciences
  • Stephen Dickson, marine geologist at the Maine Geological Survey
  • Susie Arnold, marine scientist at the Island Institute
  • Abby Roche, doctoral student in communication and sustainability science, University of Maine
  • Jonathan Beal, chair of the City of Belfast Climate Crisis Committee

watch the full discussion here