Island Institute’s Edible Seaweed Analysis

The Free Press
Posted 2020-03-10

The Island Institute has published a new study, the “Edible Seaweed Market Analysis,” that describes the growth potential for Maine’s edible seaweed market over the next 15 years. More than 95 percent of edible seaweed products found in the U.S. is imported, yet Maine waters provide

ideal conditions for growing quality sea vegetables locally. Maine aquaculturists are harvesting a highly nutritious, organic product and are seeing a surge in interest in edible seaweed across the country.

The study provides up-to-date analysis of Maine’s edible seaweed market conditions and indicates how investments in the sector could enhance Maine’s coastal economy by diversifying marine livelihoods and providing new supply-chain businesses and jobs. It compiles extensive research by business analysts who conducted in-depth interviews with edible seaweed harvesters, processors, researchers, retailers, and industry experts in Maine, Alaska, New England, California, and the Pacific Northwest. The market report serves as baseline research for Maine’s growing seaweed aquaculture industry.

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