Salmon and seaweed — not just good for you, good for the ocean

Posted 2016-10-24

By Kay Stephens / Penobscot Bay Pilot

ROCKLAND — Lobster and blueberries might get most of the media attention when it comes to Maine’s most iconic foods, but salmon and seaweed are the hottest products these day. On Oct. 16, Good Tern Co-op in Rockland put the focus on Maine’s most promising up-and-coming exports with their Salmon Cookout & Seafood Celebration. The event took place from noon to 4 p.m with the Co-op offering grilled salmon and seaweed salads, and free iced tea and spring water.

“The cookout was really a way to draw attention to sustainable fishing already happening in Maine, and bring the community together in celebration of the work of the Island Institute and our fishermen,” said Hannah Woodman, organizer of the event. “This is a great time to highlight it, especially with what the Island Institute is doing around aquaculture.”