Chris Johnson

IT Integration Specialist
  • Operations
  • IT

Chris uses information systems and technology resources to enhance our organizational capabilities. He provides technical expertise and recommendations in assessing new projects and initiatives, identifies opportunities for improving efficiency, and offers internal support to staff on the effective use of information systems.

Chris’s career has included programming training simulators and serving as the Senior Network Architect at Central Maine Power, the Director of IT for DeskNet Inc., and even a State Senator for Lincoln County, Maine. He notes that it’s been quite an experience to follow the transitions in technology over the years – starting with his initial days programming an Olivetti Underwood Programma 101 in high school, to the personal computer era, and now an environment based on the Internet, cloud, smartphones, and digital assistants. Change is persistent, and Chris enjoys working on shaping and harnessing it productively for our staff and organization as a whole!

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