• Fish prices in Portland in January 2015.
    October 26

    The Conservation Law Foundation has worked for years to permanently protect the remarkable Cashes Ledge area. This biodiversity hotspot provides refuge for a stunning array of ocean wildlife—from Atlantic cod to endangered right whales, bluefin tuna to Atlantic wolf fish—and a rare lush kelp forest.

  • Chebeague Island Hall
    September 23

    We’re proud of our homegrown Internet service, but with the need for even more speed and investment, we need the cooperation of local, state and federal governments, as well as that of FairPoint, which will finally offer Internet on the island.


  • Maine Sail Freight
    July 16

    As founder and director of Greenhorns, a young farmers organization whose mission is to recruit, promote and support the incoming generation of sustainable farms and farmers, I’m pleased about this summer's flagship event, Maine Sail Freight.

  • Eastport street
    June 15

    Eastport's downtown has improved dramatically over the past ten years. Investment from both locals and seasonal residents has resulted in attractive downtown with historic buildings and appealing shops. But we need the state's help in promoting our area.

  • fishing boat on rocks.
    March 19

    With the shift in activity in the Gulf of Maine from groundfish gear to traps, some of the impact from human activity on cod is coming from a different group of fishermen. Traps do catch cod. Is it significant? There isn't a lot of data to suggest it is.

    Economic Development, Marine Programs

  • Mental Health First Aid logo
    March 16

    If someone you loved was struggling with feelings of sadness, would you do anything? If your friend's drinking had crossed the line, would you know what to say?

    There is a way to know how to respond, and it doesn't require years of education. In fact, it only takes eight hours.

    Community Development