• Vinhalhaven view
    October 26

    It was just a camp built by boys, because that is what we were back in 1959—boys in search of adventure where Brandy Brook empties its copper colored water into Carver’s Pond, an estuary of Vinalhaven’s main harbor.

  • refrigerator box image
    September 24

    I’ve always loved little spaces I could make my own. When I was a kid, maybe 13 or so, I lived for a while in a box a refrigerator had come in. I

  • Vinalhaven village from the water.
    August 26

    A few weeks ago, a big man burst into the Tidewater Motel lobby mid-morning carrying a half-dozen unmarked white cardboard boxes, each about 18-inches by 18-inches and 4-inches deep. He’d emerged from an unmarked white pickup that held three white chest freezers in its bed, tied down haphazardly with pot warp.

  • Vinalhaven street
    July 20

    One of our treasured old granite bridges has been weakened and we need to strengthen it quickly.

  • house on Vinalhaven
    June 15

    I offered them a week's waterfront lodging, a ride around the island with a friendly lobsterman who'd give them a chance to steer the boat and haul a few traps, breakfast at Surfside, lunch and dinner at whichever of the two island venues interested them,...

  • eagle
    May 20

    Earlier, a hunter had butchered a deer on this spot and left the remains behind…

  • Vinalhaven
    April 29

    On a brisk late spring morning in 1920 the Governor Bodwell was docked at Tillson's Wharf in Rockland and preparing for departure to Vinalhaven. Several capable deckhands wheeled dollies loaded with freight

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  • snowman
    March 13

    Last month a perfect snow fell. It wasn't dry as dust but neither was it slush. It had just enough togetherness to respond perfectly to an effort by three youngsters to roll it into a big ball, a ball so big that Dad had to help move the eventual globe, nearly three feet in diameter, into the place prepared for it, a level piece of ground, swept clear of snow and surrounded by evergreens.

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