• Near the old Portland Public Library on Congress Street.
    June 16

    In the 1960s, you have to remember, Commercial Street still stank of the fish meal plant, and traffic barreled unencumbered by rules of the road…


  • Einstein quote
    May 23

    The guy who hits the big shot at the end of the game may be seen as a hero, but if he missed seven of nine shots earlier…

  • Bernd Heinrich
    April 27

    If young Bernd was sometimes a reluctant recruit on his father’s collecting expeditions, he came to love the study of nature.

  • April 25

    A drowning, a feud between fishing families, a threatened way of life take on cosmic proportion as even the tide threatens “to flood the whole operation.”

  • firewood stacked
    September 24

    Each year, I buy three cords, cut and split, which costs me $675. Even as cold as last winter was, I still have a cord left over, stacked in the basement.

  • Chebeague Island beach house
    August 26

    One day we made the trip to Cousins Island and then to Portland, where I got a plastic boat in a department store, maybe W.T. Grant's. When we got back to the house we lived in somewhere on the east side of the island, I realized I had left the little orange boat in a brown paper bag on the ledges at Cousins Island. I knew exactly where it was, lying there in the bag. Maybe I could still find it now.