• shipboard haircut
    June 15

    By Laurie Schreiber

    On Swan's Island, Mary L. (Mamie) Torrey was an inquisitive and determined soul.

  • Andy Wyeth image
    June 15

    The two men were friends. According to Wyeth, they first met in 1950 when Ruohomaa knocked on his door. Their friendship was based on mutual admiration, but they also shared an artistic sensibility: both of them depicted Maine and Mainers with a clear yet poetic eye.

  • old glass
    May 19

    Nine years ago, a man who had no background or any interest in creating art became an artist. Swimming along the bottom of Wiscasset harbor, 30 feet under water, bottle hunter Rick Carney was hit with an idea that would lead him down an unimagined path.

  • Innovators image
    March 16

    I lived through the digital revolution—or thought I had until I read this book. Being a child of the 1950s and '60s, I had assumed that computers, email, Google and the World Wide Web were all creatures brought to life by my own generation; since Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were, in fact, younger than me, it was only natural to conclude that they had invented the digital world we now live in.

    Media, Economic Development

  • February 26

    Whether it's a wedding, reunion or holiday celebration, photographers often struggle to get all the key family members in their shots. Imagine how hard it was for Miranda Battiste to capture the family that is the island's year-round population.

  • November 18

    A retired fourth-grade reading teacher, she's recently published her first collection of poetry, Cutting the Grass with Scissors—Monhegan Poems.