Nick Battista
Marine Programs Director

Nick spends his days helping fishermen and coastal communities understand emerging issues that impact the fisheries resource, fishermen, and the economics of the industry.

He helps communities and leaders respond to these and other challenges by providing technical assistance to remote coastal communities in fisheries policy, working waterfront preservation, direct marketing of seafood, shellfish and seaweed aquaculture. He works closely with leaders in many fishing communities to document the impacts of changing ocean conditions on communities and help these communities amplify their voices in policy discussions. Most recently, he has been working on issues related to including fishermen and coastal communities in ocean planning; helping fishermen diversify their income by starting a shellfish or seaweed aquaculture business; and how ocean acidification and sea level rise will impact Maine’s communities. 

Nick is responsible for the development and implementation of a range of marine programs designed to respond to coastal and island community priorities as they evolve over time. He also tracks national and global trends in ocean and fishing community sustainability, and bring relevant ideas into dialogue locally.

Mobile: (207) 691-3554

Work: (207) 594-9209 ext. 146