Community Development Officer - Student Services

Ian works with the Education team on the Outer Island Teaching and Learning Collaborative (TLC) and Mentoring, Access and Persistence (MAP) programs. He also contributes to both the Fellows team and the education work of the Energy team.

Ian joined the Island Institute after working in the education field for 10 years, focusing on outdoor science education, alternative high school education, and student/teacher support. He has a B.A. from UC Irvine and most recently worked at The University of Maine’s Tanglewood 4-H Camp and Learning Center as the Open Air Classroom Director.

With a passion for students, families, community, and sustainability, Ian is excited about the opportunity to connect with and support island school communities and be a part of the unique educational opportunities for island students.

Ian lives with his wife and daughter in Lincolnville, where he enjoys hiking, climbing, backpacking, paddling, biking, and traveling with his family. He also loves coffee and is always on the hunt for quality Mexican food in the Northeast!

Work: (207) 594-9209 ext. 119