Students and teachers from Maine's Outer Island TLC and Island Institute connect on Zoom.

Living and working remotely, while collaborating with distant partners, can make meeting in-person difficult to near impossible. Ultimately, it can slow the progress of work or limit the opportunity for that work to happen in the first place. The possibility of meeting virtually, either for everyone or for some members of a group, can help remedy this challenge. By freeing meeting participants from the restriction of a set physical location, you can open up the possibility for collaborative work. 

This cheat sheet was created as part of the Island Institute’s What Works Solutions Library. This guide is intended to encourage the use of distance learning technology (in this case, the video conferencing platform Zoom) and virtually facilitated meetings to solve the challenge of isolation of small rural schools by increasing collaborative work for teachers and students.

Contents include

Setting up the Zoom App

  • Create an account
  • Download the app to a computer
  • Download the app to a smartphone

Creating a meeting

  • Schedule a meeting

Inviting participants to a meeting

  • Send a meeting invitation link to participants
  • Join a meeting using a Meeting ID
  • Join a meeting without the Zoom app or account

Starting a meeting

  • Start a meeting

Managing a meeting

  • Change view settings
  • Control video and audio settings
  • Chat
  • Screen share
  • Record

Ending a meeting

  • End a meeting for host & participants