A Climate of Change: The Future of Aquaculture is a short documentary focused on the increasing interest in aquaculture along the coast of Maine as a complement to traditional lobstering, clamming and other types of fishing. More and more resource harvesters see farming shellfish and sea vegetables as a viable and sustainable way to continue working on the water. With Maine’s fisheries facing an uncertain future, marine-related economic diversification can help support Maine’s island and remote coastal communities.

The Educator’s Guide for A Climate of Change: The Future of Aquaculture is designed to help middle and high school teachers bridge different ideas between the science and social aspects of aquaculture. Teachers should view the documentary to be familiar with the stories and science concepts highlighted throughout the film. The guide is divided into two sections: 1) the natural environment and ecosystems, and 2) the human dimension in the ecosystem. Within each section there are corresponding lesson plans and activities for teachers to consider using in their classrooms. A Climate of Change: The Future of Aquaculture can fit into many subject areas and we look forward to hearing how you have used this documentary in your classroom. 

The film is accessible at http://www.islandinstitute.org/media/climate-change-pt-4