Through gift planning, you can make arrangements now to support the work of the Island Institute in the years to come. Planned gift commitments are recognized through our Islands in Time Society and may offer tax benefits to you and your loved ones.

Unrestricted gifts offer the greatest flexibility to respond to priority needs, whenever the gift is realized. If you prefer to direct your gift to a particular program or use, we would be happy to work with you to craft a gift that will meet anticipated future needs.


Naming the Island Institute in your will can be a financially responsible way to make a special gift that otherwise may not be possible during your lifetime. If you are considering leaving a bequest for a specific program or purpose, please contact our development staff. We will work with you to craft a designation that honors your intentions while serving the Institute’s anticipated future needs.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Under a Charitable Gift Annuity agreement, you can make a gift to the Island Institute during your lifetime (and claim any tax benefits permitted by law), and in exchange, the Island Institute will pay you or a designated annuitant a fixed and guaranteed annuity payment for life. Donors age 60 or older may begin receiving annuity payments immediately, while donors age 45 or older can establish a deferred annuity.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A Charitable Remainder Trust also provides a life income payment and possible tax benefits; upon the passing of the named beneficiary, assets remaining in the trust are transferred to the Island Institute as a charitable gift.

Life Insurance & Retirement Account Beneficiary Designation

Naming the Island Institute as the beneficiary of a life insurance or retirement plan is a simple way for donors at any stage of life to create a legacy gift. When an insurance policy is fully paid, or in the case of qualified retirement accounts, you may choose to make an immediate gift of these assets by transferring ownership to the Island Institute.

The Island Institute encourages donors to discuss potential gifts, especially those that may affect their estate plans, with a professional adviser.

For more information, please review our Gift Acceptance Policy, confidential Islands in Time Member Agreement form, or contact Kate Elmes, major gift associate, at

Islands in Time Society

Collectively, the members of our Islands in Time Society have directed over $1.4 million in legacy gifts to the work of the Island Institute. The commitment of each new member is recognized with a letter signed by the Island Institute President, a commemorative gift, and addition of their name to Society letterhead, used in communication with our supporters. The Island Institute respects the wishes of individuals who wish to remain anonymous, and is grateful to those willing to be named for helping to inspire others through their philanthropy.