Catherine Cluett Pactol / Molokai Dispatch

A proposal for a large-scale solar project on Molokai is on the table and residents are questioning the project’s benefits and whether community ownership of the project down the road is viable or desirable.

With the island’s energy grid on the brink of change, a group of community energy leaders from around the world visited Molokai last Monday to share their perspectives on renewable energy solutions with residents.

Katharine Q. Seelye / New York Times

On remote islands off the coast of Maine, small bands of residents stay through the long winter. They embrace the emptiness and a frontier sensibility.

The snow had begun falling overnight, and fell throughout the day, draping the towering pines and the lobster traps, stacked up on land for the winter, in blankets of white.

By Lindsey Mills / NEWS CENTER Maine

The water off Maine's coast is becoming more and more acidic. It's been shown to have a negative impact on some of the state's fisheries.

Scientists say they've known about this problem for a few years and now may have found a solution in Casco Bay.

Scientists from Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences and the Island Institute have been gathering data from the water surrounding a kelp farm in Casco Bay, every couple of weeks for the last few years.

Dr. Susie Arnold collecting data about the ocean chemistry.

By Laurie Schreiber / Mainebiz

Tollef Olson always had a thing for the sea. As a young man, he hunted for treasure on centuries-old shipwrecks, worked as a commercial fisherman in Florida and an urchin diver in Maine.

He has started and sold a variety of businesses, including Aqua Farms LLC (producer of Bangs Island Mussels) and Ocean Approved.

In 2016, he co-founded Ocean's Balance, which a year ago started producing a Kelp Puree made from wild seaweed harvested by Olson. Buyers include grocery stores, institutions and restaurants.

By Dr. Lisa Belisle / Love Maine Radio

In this weekend’s episode, Dr. Lisa Belisle talks with Jill Hinckley, owner of Hinckley Introductions, and Dr. Robert Snyder, president of the Island Institute.


February 2, 2018


By Lisa Held / Civil Eats

As Tollef Olsen throws a white buoy labeled “SEAFARM” into Portland, Maine’s Casco Bay on a cold, clear November day, he reminisces about talking to the Maine Sea Coast Vegetables founder Shep Erhart back in the early 1980s.

During this conversation, the two discussed the environmental benefits of farming seaweed.

By Fred Bever / Maine Public

Scientists, municipal and state officials, consultants and concerned citizens gathered in Portland Tuesday to consider ways to protect against rising sea-levels and intense storms.

Sponsored by the Rockland-based Island Institute, the daylong forum highlighted work up and down the coast documenting the dangers sea-level rise and other climate-change-driven events pose for vulnerable ecosystems and infrastructure. The 60-plus attendees discussed strategies and standards that would foster coastal resilience, and how to finance solutions.

Colin Woodard / Portland Press Herald

At last week’s United Nations Climate Change Conference in Germany, an issue of vital importance to Maine fishermen and shellfish growers took the international spotlight.

This issue is the increasing acidity of the sea, which is making it harder for some shellfish to grow their shells.

November 19, 2017

Aquaculture & Marine

By Associated Press

Students in Maine who have been learning about marine science will conclude their project by dropping kelp-growing lines in the water at the start of the winter growing season.

The Peaks Island Elementary students have been participating in a program called "KELP4KIDS."

KELP4KIDS is a 12-week curriculum for second- through fifth-graders at the island school. Kelp is grown as a crop in Maine for use in food and other products.

By Kay Stephens / PenBay Pilot

Close to 200 people attended the Artists and Makers Conference, Friday, April 6, at Point Lookout in Northport. For artists and crafters in the creative economy, the Archipelago/Island Institute-sponsored event offered a full day of sessions.

Workshops focused on three different tracts of sessions: Foundational, for those just starting a business; Transformational, for those in the process of growing their business; and Inspirational, those who are established but looking for inspiration.