Student uses a Tandberg

Distance Learning Technology (DLT) is an important component of the Island Institute’s Education Programming. We partnered with tech company EPlus in 2009 and again in 2014 to secure significant USDA–Rural Development grant funds to install cutting edge teleconferencing and video recording equipment in 24 sites, including Maine’s island and remote coastal schools and other rural coastal community schools in Alaska and St. John, VI. The equipment allows for highly interactive networking among students and connects them to resources at universities and other educational organizations.

Installation of DLT equipment from the most recent USDA/DLT grant is underway. Big boxes with Smart Boards, new, smaller Tandberg units, and other equipment have been arriving on islands and at the Island Institute. The installation process will be completed this spring. The Education Team is learning how to use the new technology and is busy planning trainings for island teachers.