Infrastructure Finance Specialist

Alli travels throughout the coast of Maine and works with internal and external partners to aid communities investing in infrastructure (e.g., clean energy, broadband, working waterfronts), support small business owners, and allocate organizational resources to help further the sustainability of Maine island and coastal communities.

Prior to joining the Island Institute, she served as a principal at Cultivation Capital, a venture-capital firm, as well as the founder and CEO of a clean-tech software platform that served 2,500+ recycling firms in 18 countries. She also co-founded two organizations to assist female entrepreneurs – Women Entrepreneurs of St. Louis (WEST) St. Louis, MO, and Female Entrepreneurs of the World (FEW) in Santiago, Chile – and enjoys mentoring small business owners.

After earning a BS in Biology from San Diego State University, and a certification under NAUI as a Dive Master and CSU underwater researcher, Alli did her post-graduate work in environmental policy with the City of San Diego and earned her MBA from Saint Louis University in St. Louis, MO. 

A native of Oregon, Alli is excited to experience life on the other coast. Growing up, she says she always loved taking trips to dig clams and fish on the Oregon coast – so in many ways, Maine already feels like home to her!

Mobile: (314) 874-2867

Work: (207) 594-9209 ext. 157