Replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs is a simple, effective way to reduce energy usage in your home or business. For a limited time, residents of the Casco Bay islands of Peaks, Long, Chebeague, Cliff, and Great Diamond can take advantage of a special deal for certain screw-in and pin LED lightbulbs available from Gilman Electrical Supply in Portland. By ordering bulbs through this program, you can take advantage of wholesale pricing, existing Efficiency Maine markdowns, and additional markdowns offered by the Island Institute for residents of the year-round Casco Bay islands. 

To participate, simply fill out the order form, and mail it along with a check made out to the Island Institute for the full amount owed to:

Ben Algeo
Island Institute
386 Main Street
Rockland, ME 04841

Switching to LED lighting can help you save money. Replacing a 60 Watt incandescent bulb with a 9 Watt LED for $0.50 is an investment that pays itself back in just five weeks.


  • June 5:  Order forms distributed to residents of Peaks, Long, Chebeague, Cliff, and Great Diamond Islands

  • June 19, 6:15 pm:  Peaks Island community information session at Peaks Island Community Center.
    Remote participation link:
  • June 24, 2:15 pm:  Great Diamond Island community information session at Diamond Cove Administration Building.
    Remote participation link:
  • June 29, 4:30 pm:  Cliff Island community information session at Cliff Island Association Hall.
    Remote participation link:
  • June 30: ORDER FORMS DUE — Mail with a check for the full amount owed to:
    Ben Algeo, Island Institute, 386 Main Street, Rockland, ME 04841
  • July 3:  Order placed with Gilman Electrical Supply
  • July 10 - 14:  Anticipated delivery date


Order Form

Casco Bay LED Bulk Buy Order Form.pdf


Efficiency Maine Lighting Information 

Efficiency Maine Collective Purchase Video 

Island Institute What Works Solutions Library: High Energy Costs                                                                                                  

Lighting Fact Sheet


Brooks Winner
Community Energy Manager
Island Institute
(207) 594-9209 x148
Ben Algeo
Community Energy Associate
Island Institute
(207) 594-9209 x157, office / (207) 939-8516, cell