While helpful data is often available from both public and private sources, it can be time-consuming for island and coastal communities to identify what's available and access it. By providing easy access to quality information, our goal is to allow community leaders to invest more of their limited time and resources in action, and empower them with hard data so they can hold informed discussions, guide local planning processes, weigh in on policy initiatives, and anticipate future concerns.

Are you a community member looking for data or information?  

If you’re a community member looking for more information about Maine's islands, connecting with resources in other communities, or partnering with local and state agencies to address coastal and island-related challenges in your area, we can help!   

Contact Suzanne MacDonald for more information. 


Island Map website

Island Map is a repository of data about year-round island communities in Maine. Following in the footsteps of Island Indicators, a periodic study of data on island life compiled by the Island Institute since 2006, Island Map is intended as a resource for islanders and visitors alike with which to better understand the shared challenges and goals and key distinctions of island communities in Maine and beyond.

Search the Island Map website for more information and statistics on Maine's islands.


Looking for additional island-related information and resources?

Visit our Resource Library for quick access to the Island Institute's archive and collection of program information, research, reports and more.