Welcome all researchers  

Through our research, we work with partners at the county, state, and federal level, as well as the academic and private sectors, to gather and analyze data to meet the needs of our island and coastal communities and provide local leaders with information they can use to inform their choices on social, economic, and environmental issues and develop effective solutions to local challenges.    

If you’re a researcher who's interested in learning more about Maine island data, doing research with us, or finding people to partner with for a study, we can help!   

Contact Suzanne MacDonald for more information. 


Island Map website

Island Map is a repository of data about year-round island communities in Maine. Following in the footsteps of Island Indicators, a periodic study of data on island life compiled by the Island Institute since 2006, Island Map is intended as a resource for islanders and visitors alike with which to better understand the shared challenges and goals and key distinctions of island communities in Maine and beyond.

Search the Island Map website for more information and statistics on Maine's islands.


Looking for additional island-related information and resources?

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