When storms hit, communities are disrupted, and our leadership is tested. These changing times require that we not only brace for the weather ahead but strengthen our resolve to tackle complex issues together. In the next decade, Maine’s working waterfront, its workforce, and economy will be pressured as never before. To promote courageous leadership and act swiftly to mobilize our resources, the Island Institute's Waypoints Forum 2020: Courageous Leadership in Disruptive Times offered an opportunity to address the multitude of challenges facing our coast.

Speakers and guests from Maine and beyond came together on February 7, 2020, in Portland, Maine, to share stories and insights and highlight how leadership, in its many forms, is guiding their communities through times of change. From a panel discussion looking at the role of leadership in navigating the complexities surrounding Portland, Maine's waterfront, to presentations from leaders representing communities from Puerto Rico to the US Virgin Islands, the event explored the commonalities that we share and the lessons that are transferable along the coast of Maine and beyond.

For more information and video of the presentations, visit the Waypoints Forum 2020 event page here.