On December 5, 2019, our Aquaculture Business Development (ABD) program held its annual Industry Day event in Portland. Designed to give up-and-coming aquaculturists the opportunity to learn and connect, the event brings together participants in the Island Institute's aquaculture program and gives them the chance to reconnect with each other as well as with well-established growers in the state.

The day also provided opportunities to tour Bangs Island Mussels and Basket Island Oysters and learn from industry partners including Heritage Seaweed, Atlantic Sea Farms, Ocean's Balance, Maine Ocean Farms, Community Shellfish, Morningstar Fisheries & Aquaculture, and Shearwater Ventures.

In addition to industry partners and local aquaculture businesses, we were joined by Maine Representatives Joyce McCreight (Harpswell, West Bath, East Brunswick) and Lydia Blume (York) for the morning's farm tours. We appreciate this support from our local legislators, and we hope this event, and our ongoing work, help to inform their process and create understanding of aquaculture's role in our state.

Thank you to the following Industry Day partners and farmers for supporting this event: