Island Journal 2019, Volume 35, offers insights into island and coastal life through personal profiles and stories, fiction and poetry, and stunning photography and art.

This year's edition highlights storm surge, sea level rise, and how coastal communities are mitigating and adapting for our changing climate across different geographic areas.  

Stories include an in-depth look at: How communities in the Florida Keys are tackling sea level rise; how Maine communities like Vinalhaven, Damariscotta, and Portland are finding their own solutions; and Maine art and poetry featuring Gary Hoyle and Gary Rainford of Swan's Island.

It's perfect for your coffee table, your ferry ride, or as a gift for anyone who loves the islands and coast! 

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You can also purchase a copy for $14.95 at Archipelago, the Island Institute store, located at 386 Main Street in Rockland, ME, or online


  • FROM THE HELM: Why Islands? An Important Question
  • Resilience is the Response to Rising Waters – by Stephanie Bouchard
  • Coalition Building at the Water’s Edge – by Elizabeth Rush
  • Whelmed in Key Largo – by Steven Harris
  • POEM: The Gift – by Elizabeth Garber
  • FOLIO: Lines: Interactive Site-Specific Light Installations At Outer Hebrides, Scotland – Art by Pekka Niittyvirta and Timo Aho
  • FICTION: Beneath the Surface – by Elaine Ford
  • Keeping the Home Fires… Out – by Casey Engelman // Photos by Jesse Groening
  • Cliff Island a Labor of Love for Cheryl Crowley – by Tom Groening // Photos by Lorinda Valls
  • Kristan Porter Remains Grounded as Fisheries Shift – by Laurie Schreiber // Photos by Leslie Bowman
  • The Secret Soul of an Island Shoe – by Christina Marsden Gillis // Photos by Peter Ralston
  • The Schoodic Story – by Jacqueline Weaver
  • How We Get Here: A History of the Ferry Service – by Nancy Griffin
  • ‘Creators in Arms on Swan’s Island – by Carl Little//Photos by Jack Sullivan
  • ‘Nantaska’—The ‘Islands’ of Nantucket and Alaska – by Crocker Snow Jr.
  • Maine Coast by the Numbers – by Meghan Grabill
  • Taking Stock of a Downeast River – by Jon Keller // Photos by Jack Sullivan and Leslie Bowman
  • Islands by the Numbers – by Meghan Grabill
  • FOLIO: Pathways – Art by George Pearlman
  • POEM: Wrack – by Sheila Jordan
  • FOLIO: Othered: Displaced from Malaga – Art by Daniel Minter