Island Journal 2018, Volume 34, offers insights into island and coastal life through personal profiles and stories, fiction and poetry, and stunning photography and art.

This issue explores the theme of "Innovative Waterfronts, Waterfront Innovators," which looks at how coastal communities are working to catch the next wave and stay on the edge of economic development. In this year's stories, you'll hear how creative and persistent minds found new ways of doing things, and how communities are spawning and embracing these changes.

Highlights include: The successes of the Cranberry Isles, Islesboro, and other communities in building broadband internet networks; Bucksport’s revival following the paper mill closure; Luke Holden and his vertically integrated chain of restaurants, Luke’s Lobster; how Belfast is charting a new course with the Front Street Shipyard on the site of an old sardine packing plant; and Maine art and photography featuring “hand photographed dream paintings" of the coast of Maine and a folio of historic Maine island paintings in the Farnsworth Art Museum's collection.

It's perfect for your coffee table, your ferry ride, or as a gift for anyone who loves the islands and coast! 

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  • FROM THE HELM: The Numbers That Tell Stories
  • Great Lakes Islands Choose People-Focused Strategy by Abigail Curtis
  • Remember the Monarchs: Rachel Carson's Southport Island by Edgar Allen Beem
    • Bucksport: Life After the Mill – by Jim Baumer
    • Grabbing the Digital Future – by Jennifer Van Allen
    • The Laboratory by the Sea – by Carl Little
    • Belfast: Sardines to Yachts – by Tom Groening
    • Luke Holden's 'Trap to Table' Adventure – by Stephanie Bouchard
  • POEM: 88 – by John Wulp
  • FOLIO: Maine Islands at the Farnsworth Art Museum
  • Responding First, Fifteen Miles out – by Gideon Davidson
  • FICTION: The Ledge – by Lawrence Sargent Hall
  • FOLIO: On the Water – by Abe Goodale
  • Me, Books, Food, and Drink – by Phil Crossman
  • The Collector of Islands – by Melissa Waterman
  • More Than a Pile of Shells: Maine's Middens – by Catherine Schmitt
  • The Sound of Island Silence – by Scott Sell
  • FOLIO: Altered Realities – by Jeffery C. Becton
  • POEM: Varnishing – by David Shipler
  • Harpswell, A Town of Superheroes – by Callie Ferguson