Island Journal 2017, Volume 33, offers insights into island and coastal life through personal profiles and stories, fiction and poetry, and stunning photography and art.

In the series "Making It Here," we share stories of islanders from communities along the Maine coast that highlight the many ways they overcome the challenges of remoteness in order to live and work on an island.

Other highlights include: reflections from Island Institute founder Philip Conkling, and co-founder Peter Ralston, on how a warming atmosphere is impacting island communities from the Arctic to Maine; the unique quirks of island golf courses; the importance of VHF radios as island communication; how one man is using light to unite island communities with art; maritime myths; and more.

It's perfect for your coffee table, your ferry ride, or as a gift for anyone who loves the islands and coast! 

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  • From the Helm — Broadening Islands for the Next Generation
  • Along the American Archipelago, Signs Are Everywhere
  • Making It Here: 
    – The Island Retailer by Laurie Schreiber
    – The Island Artist by Tina Cohen
    – The Island Hotelier by Phil Crossman
    – The Island Lobster Marketer by Tom Groening
    – The Island Telecommuter by Jennifer Van Allen
    – The Island Electrician by Courtney Naliboff
    – The Island Educator by Kathy Westra
  • Arctic Observations: Photographs by Peter Ralston
  • ​The Painter and the Lobsterman by Melissa Waterman
  • Is Maine Still Hurricane Proof? by Nancy Griffin
  • Coldwater Coast by Jon Keller
  • ​Anna Fernald is Islesford’s Warm Heart by Scott Sell
  • Island Window by Judith Ponturo
  • Island Golf Courses by Selby Frame
  • The DIY Approach that Linked Isle au Haut to the Grid by Tom Groening
  • ‘Halfway to Where Somebody’s in Trouble’ by Stephanie Bouchard
  • Islands by the Numbers
  • Painting Islands: Photographs by Howie Motenko
  • How to Row Home by Ralph Stevens
  • Very Superstitious by Scott Sell