The 2012 Island Journal contains three artist folios, including one by Matinicus artist David Sears, along with a contribution from founder Bill McKibben, a tale of “Survival” on Vanuatu Island in the South Pacific, a conversation with renowned naturalist E. O.  Wilson, and much more.


  • From the Helm: Islands as Models by Philip Conkling
  • “The Best Decision We’ve Ever Made”: New Families Move to Long Island by Judith Paolini
  • Thinking like Islands: Sustainable Island Living Conference Keynote Speech Excerpts by Bill McKibben
  • The Many Lives of Dix Island by Harry Gratwick
  • “There’s Nothing to Do on This Island”: Mentoring Teens and Tweens by Caitlin Gerber
  • “A World Away”: A Collection of Photographs of Young Islanders by Patrisha McLean
  • No School Is an Island: The Outer Island’s Inter-Island Classroom by Anne Bardaglio
  • On Duck by Christina Marsden Gillis
  • Spectacular Islands and Contested Realities: The Media’s Portrayal of Islands from Vanuatu to Maine by Doug Campbell
  • Revisiting the Future: Island Voices from “Generation Y” by Emily Thomas
  • David Sears: A Matinicus Artist Charts His Course by Carl Little
  • Across Deer Point Narrows: Blood Connects Families on Long and Chebeague by Donna Miller Damon
  • The Life and Letters of Jim Hardie: Fisherman, Farmer, Captain and Caretaker by Lucilla Fuller Marvel
  • One Fish, Many Fish: George Putnam and the Making of Gorton’s Seafood by Rob Synder
  • The Fish They Catch: Photographs by Corey Arnold by Philip Conkling
  • “I Know He’s Watching Me”: Swan’s Islanders Live Their Faith by Meghan Vigeant
  • Behold the Island: Conversations with Naturalist E. O. Wilson by David Conover
  • On the Front Lines of the Energy Revolution by Philip Conkling