In addition to the stunning folio of work by Josie Iselin, whose small, meticulously crafted books about and images of the natural world are nationally renowned, this issue features even more articles by and about year-round island residents than ever before. Take a walk around the perimeter of Vinalhaven with Phil Crossman; visit with Sandy Oliver in her Islesboro kitchen; enter the poetry and art-filled world of Fairfield Porter and James Schuyler, and marvel at the "classroom without walls" inside Cliff Island's one-room schoolhouse.


  • Island Circumambulation by Phil Crossman
  • It’s Not About the Scenery by Eva Murray
  • Holding it Together by Randy Cushman
  • Reversing the Brain Drain by Anna Maine
  • Island to Island by Gillian Garratt-Reed
  • The Modern One-Room Schoolhouse by Anne Bardaglio
  • Zen and the Art of Beachcombing by Tina Cohen
  • Folio: Josie Iselin
  • The Penobscot Steamboat “Wars” by Harry Gratwick
  • Community Kitchen by Sandy Oliver
  • Passionate and Committed by Mary Terry
  • Net Change by Rob Snyder
  • Fairfield Porter & James Schuyler by Carl Little
  • Word from Europe: Plan Ahead by Colin Woodard
  • The End of the World by Philip Conkling
  • Yellow Giants by Philip Conkling