The stories in the twenty-sixth issue of Island Journal examined the impacts of major changes affecting islands around the world. Island leaders from the Seychelles to Vinalhaven grappling with climate change, the disappearance of barrier islands on the Outer Banks, the changes in border security and the Canadian maritimes, and more.


  • Swept Away by Philip Conkling
  • When Islands Disappear by Theo Holtwijk
  • Are Islands Expendable? by David Conover
  • Salvage and Restoration by Rob Snyder
  • Nostalgia by the Sea by John Gillis
  • Fox Islands Wind
  • Build It by David D. Platt
  • Border Troubles by Colin Woodard
  • New Pages by Liz Awalt
  • In Search of the Smithy Boat by Harry Gratwick
  • A Face, a Place, a Taste by Russell Libby
  • Island Farms: A History of Abundance by James Conkling
  • Ashley Bryan of Islesford—and the World by Carl Little
  • They All Lived Happily Ever After by David A. Tyler
  • Through the Eyes of the Young
  • Island Scholarships by Cyrus Moulton
  • Island Fellows
  • Capsized by Ellen Ruppel Shell