The 25th-anniversary edition of Island Journal contains a tribute to Andrew Wyeth and an extraordinary folio of his island work, as well as a a folio of Frenchboro paintings by Russian-born artist Daud Akhriev, new essays, and a retrospective of articles, poems and photographs that map the progress of the Institute's programs over the past 25 years. 


Chapter 1: Communities
  • Reinventing Islesford's Neighborhood House by Bill McGuinness
  • An Extra Set of Hands by Island Fellows
  • Separateness & Togetherness by David A. Tyler
  • Bringing Hope by Cherie Galyean
Chapter 2: Schools & Education
  • Backing into the Future by Muriel L. Hendrix
  • Storing Knowledge by Nancy Griffin
  • The Sound of Youth by Philip Conkling
  • Going "Up" to School by Frances Leftkowitz
  • Come Together by Julie Ann Canniff
Chapter 3: Art & the Creative Economy
  • Andrew Wyeth by Chris Crosman
  • In Residence by Carl Little
  • Daud Akhriev by Scott Sell
Chapter 4: Environments
  • Island Wind by Philip Conkling
  • A Climate of Change by Anne Hayden & Gillian Garratt-Reed
  • In the Lair of the Ice King by Philip Conkling
  • Marine Communities by Ted Ames
  • Who Were They? by Arthur E. Spiess
Chapter 5: Fisheries
  • Creating a Fishery of the Future by Libby, Kramar & Eayrs
  • From the Bottom Up by Acheson & Wilson
  • The Great Lobster Collaboration by Philip Conkling
  • In Cod We Trusted by David Conover
Chapter 6: Working Waterfronts
  • Keeping Waterfronts Working by David A. Tyler
  • A Highway Home by Steve Cartwright
  • A Family Tradition by Jane Day