Mysteries abound in the 2008 Island Journal, from its stunning, fog-bound cover image to “The Missing Rednecks of Washington County,” the “ghosts” of Gotts Island and the true story behind President Roosevelt’s secret “fishing trip” off the coast of Maine in 1941. You’ll also enjoy a folio of new images by Peter Ralston, explore the intriguing cultures of Sardinia and the Scottish isles, learn how a small group of Maine fishermen has set a new standard for conservation, and find out how windpower might transform year-round island life.


  • Catching the Island Wind by Philip Conkling
  • Before Fossil Fuel, There Was the Tide... by Ben Neal
  • ​Voices for Change by Rob Snyder
  • The Brand  by David D. Platt
  • Encounters with the Pharaoh by Cherie Galyean
  • Maine to Sardinia by Susan Little Olcott 
  • Flukes, Flames and Boiling Blubber by Terry Goodhue
  • In Residence by Carl Little
  • In a New Light by Bruce Brown
  • Eiggachs, Gighachs, Diurachs and Sunshine Islanders by Herbert Parsons
  • Good and Lawful Deeds by Christina Marsden Gillis
  • President Roosevelt "Goes Fishing" by Harry Gratwick
  • Moved by Cyrus Moulton
  • The Missing Rednecks of Washington County by Bob Moore