Eight chapters illustrating the core elements of island life are scarcely enough to capture the concept of "islandness" that has so intrigued and inspired visitors to Maine's islands for centuries. Compiled under the direction of Peter Ralston, the Institute's Executive Vice-President, its pages brim full of the people, places, wildlife and culture that comprise the ineffable beauty found only in and along the Gulf of Maine.


Chapter One: Islandness

Introduction by David D. Platt
The More Things Change by George Putz
The Island by Milton Achorn
Islandness by David Weale
Crazy on the Rock by Karen Roberts Jackson
The Wood After Rain by Hortense Flexner
Solitude by Philip Conkling
Siren Call by John Fowles
Witness to the Deep by David Conover

Chapter Two: Islanders

Introduction by David D. Platt
On Islanders by George Putz
The Legacy of Cyrus Rackliff by Amy Payson
Islanders by Philip Booth
"It's the Ancestors" by Todd Cheney
AVELINDA - The Legacy of a Yankee Yachtsman by Tom Cabot
When You Live on an Island by Dean Lunt
"A Writer of Song and Nonsense" by James Rockefeller
A Farewell by May Sarton
Brothers on the Rock by Colin Woodard

Chapter Three: Communities

Introduction by David D. Platt
Community Design as if People Mattered by George Putz
Penobscot by George Oppen
A Place Slowly Earned by Chellie Pingree
The Little Island That Got Away by Al Diamon
Living There by Cynthia Bourgeault
An "Unpretentious Exercise" by David D. Platt
A Beneficent Magic by Philip Conkling
The Mr. Wulp Effect by Karen Roberts Jackson
From The Country of the Pointed Firs by Sarah Orne Jewett
Island Fellows by Keith Eaton, James Essex, Mike Felton, Emily Graham, Dana Leath, Kathleen Reardon

Chapter Four: Fish, Fishermen & Aquaculture

Introduction by David D. Platt
Fishermen's Sons by Mike Brown
It Was Good and It Was Enough by Joe Upton
Less is More by Cynthia Bourgeault
Dragging by Philip Booth
Horatio Crie and the Double Gauge Law by James M. Acheson
The Great Machias Bay Cod Run by Ted Ames
Needing Each Other by James M. Acheson
Running Together by K. J. Vaux

Chapter Five: Working Waterfronts

Introduction by David D. Platt
A Singular Community by George Putz
Monhegan Night Watch by Jeanne Rollins
Boats and Hoops by Sandra Dinsmore
Oh Hell, Skip by Jan Adkins
Toy Boats by George Putz
The Soul of a Work Boat by Mike Brown
Giving Away the Lights by Steve Cartwright
Water by Robert Lowell
Working Waterfront Turns 10 by David D. Platt

Chapter Six: Art of the Islands

Introduction by David D. Platt
The Art of Island Maine by Edgar Allen Beem
Monhegan's Mold Cast Kent by Elliot Stanley
Souther Island - Father and Son by Christopher Crosman
Writing with Light by Philip Booth
North Haven by Elizabeth Bishop

Chapter Seven: Birds & Beasts

Introduction by David D. Platt
A Stirring of Ravens by Susan Hand Shetterly
Raven's Gore by Philip Conkling
Playing God - Man and Medric by William H. Drury
The Life and Tides of Fundy by Harry Thurston
Islands as Biological Communities by David Quammen
Keeping Track of the Wondrous Machine by Ben Neal
Free Willy - Eat or Be Eaten? by Colin Woodard

Chapter Eight: Islands Far and Gone

Introduction by David D. Platt
A Black Hole on the Map of Hope by Cabot Martin
Lost Generation by Nancy Griffin
I, Milton Achorn by Milton Achorn
"Up for Sale" by Maggie Fyffe
Nunavut - A Journey Across Baffin Island by Hope, Dylan and Tristan Jackson
Glimpes of Lost Worlds by Philip Conkling
Spirit of the Grass by K. J. Vaux
Summer Ice by Philip Conkling