Volume 19 of Island Journal considers the impact of individual citizens on the relative strength or fragility of Maine’s remote coastal and island communities. The stories range from that of a mainland resident who ensures access by a young fisherman to her waterfront property after her death to the contributions of musicians to an island’s social fabric to a woman who “washed ashore” in Corea and spent the next two decades lobster fishing. The folio of photographs by Kosti Ruohomaa captures a weekend spent by radio producer Philips Lord in his Bartlett’s Island home in 1945.


  • “It’s about the Music…” by Nathan Michaud
  • The Spirit of the Grass by Katie Vaux
  • Brothers on the Rock by Colin Woodard
  • Folio: Bartlett’s Island, 1945 by Deanna Bonner-Ganter
  • A Messy Mix by Joan Amory
  • A Bowline in the Dark by Steve Cartwright
  • Local Knowledge by Naomi Schalit
  • The Lobster-catchers by Joe Goldman
  • “It Hasteth Away” by Randolph Purinton
  • The Long and Curious Career of the CORA F. CRESSEY by Steve Cartwright
  • Washing Ashore by Muriel L. Hendrix
  • Maps for the Future by Chris Brehme and Nathan Michaud
  • Looking Beyond the Obvious by Carl Little
  • Tied Up by Ben Neal
  • Summer Ice with introduction by Philip Conkling
  • The Quoddy Region by Janice Harvey