Exploration is at the heart of Volume 18 of Island Journal. The experience of “going there” is captured in stories about several days at sea aboard a research vessel, a pioneering 1925 expedition to Greenland, a more recent scientific trip to Iceland, and the journeys made by eight new Island Fellows to their remote host communities. The extensive center folio underscores the significant part played by Maine islands in the lifelong work of two generations of Wyeths.


  • Keeping Track of the Wondrous Machine by Benjamin Neal
  • Ten Ticks to the Hogshead by Naomi Schalit
  • In the Lair of the Ice King by Philip Conkling
  • High Flight, Common Sense by David D. Platt
  • Under the Line by Randy Purinton
  • Folio: Mirrors of Inner Lives with introduction by Philip Conkling
  • Free Willy – Eat or be Eaten? by Colin Woodard
  • In the Pink by Wing Goodale
  • From Deep Time by Bonnie L. Mowery-Oldham
  • Story in Stitches by Muriel L Hendrix
  • Fox Islanders Go Rowing by Bruce Halibisky
  • Sacred Space by Tina Cohen