Featuring contributions by Susan Little, Brendan Donegan, and Chris W. Brehme, poetry by Philip Conkling, and artwork by George Bellows.


  • Recordings by Susan Little
  • Offshore with Mr. Gamage and Mr. Cramer by Richard J. King
  • Teaching Moments by David D. Platt
  • Alone on a Dome in the Sea by Brendan Donegan
  • Man, Nature and White-tail Deer by John N. Cole
  • An Island Town by Sally Cheney Thibault
  • On Our Own by Jean B. Wetherbee
  • A Fine Balance by Carl Little
  • On Little by Suzette Lane McEvoy
  • Where Do Ospreys Go In Winter?
  • Glimpses of Lost Worlds by Philip Conkling
  • An Electronic Atlas for the Gulf of Maine Region by Chris W. Brehme
  • Distaster! by Randy Purinton
  • Giving Away the Lights by Steve Cartwright
  • Poetry: Passage by Philip Conkling
  • Film: The Edge of the World by David D. Platt