Featuring contributions by Mike Gorman, Sandra Dinsmore, and Dean Lunt, poetry by Jan Bailey, and artwork by Janet Redfield.


  • A Beneficent Magic by Philip Conkling
  • The Mr. Wulp Effect by Karen Roberts Jackson
  • "Something Different To Look At" by Mike Gorman
  • The Dream Keeper by Susan Hand Shetterly
  • Folio: A Siren Call by John Fowles
  • Boats and Hoops by Sandra Dinsmore
  • Running Together by K.J. Vaux
  • Hard Times, Good Times and the Seat of the Pants by Donna Miller Damon
  • Evicted by Deborah DuBrule
  • The Land Called Nunavut by Dylan, Tristan & Hope Jackson
  • The Defense that Failed by Randy Purinton
  • A Fitting Destruction by John Bockstoce
  • The Great Lobster Collaboration by Philip Conkling
  • A Certain Obscurity
  • Removing Time and Distance by Brian Willson
  • Frenchboro at War, 1941-1945 by Dean Lunt
  • Salt Water Windows by Janet Redfield