Featuring contributions by Maggie Fyffe, Jim Acheson, and Nancy Griffin, poetry by Patricia Ranzoni, and artwork by Dwight Blaney. 


  • "Up for Sale" by Maggie Fyffe
  • Lost Generation by Nancy Griffin
  • Three Islands, Three Experiences by Deborah DuBrule
  • "The Boat" by Jane Day
  • Sea Transit: Retracing the voyage of Vitus Bering by Philip Conkling
  • Where seabirds nest by Alan Hutchinson
  • The Making of a conservationist by Steven May
  • "The Edge of the Bottom" by David Conover
  • Community Science by Jim Acheson
  • Clams by Annette Naegel
  • Herring by Scott Dickerson
  • Shad by Steve Cartwright
  • Lobsters by David Conover 
  • "An unpretentious exercise" by David D. Platt
  • A Sea of Drugs by Edgar M.W. Boyd
  • Dwight Blaney, Ironbound Artist by Carl Little 
  • Hitting bottom on the rock by Karen Roberts Jackson 
  • "For a New Year's Morning" by Patricia Ranzoni