Featuring contributions by Edgar M. Boyd, Julia Chadwick, and Barry Bartmann, poetry by R.P. Blacmur, and artwork by George Bellows. 


  • Human Communities by Cynthia Bourgeault
  • Going "Up" to School by Frances Lefkowitz
  • Getting By by Karen Roberts Jackson
  • Surrending Control by Edgar M. Boyd
  • Folio: The Art of Community - essay by Christopher Crosman
  • Islands as Biological Communities by David Quammen
  • Island Profiles by David D. Platt
  • Marine Communities: Under water, the connections are everywhere by Ted Ames
  • Horatio Crie and the Lobster Double-Gauge Law by James M. Acheson
  • A Causeway Chokes a River by Julia Chadwick
  • Boston's Cleaner Harbor by Bill Sargent
  • The HALIFAX Mystery by Roger F. Duncan
  • Silent Sites by Deborah DuBrule
  • Island Boundaries as a Resource by Barry Bartmann
  • From Jordan's Delight by Carl Little