Featuring contributions by Scott Allen, Kate Kennedy, and Andrew Weegar, poetry by Philip Booth, and artwork by Andrew/Jamie Wyeth.


  • "The Ocean Is Our Community Birthplace" by Sen. George Mitchell
  • Communities by Bob Moore
  • Downtown Islands by Scott Allen
  • The Irish Solution by Deborah DuBrule
  • Proprietors, Roosevelts, and Scoundrels by Janice Harvey
  • Filament after Filament by Kate Kennedy
  • Witness to the Deep by David Conover
  • The Past in Bits and Pieces by Andrew Weegar
  • Father and Son: Andrew and Jamie Wyeth at Southern Island 
  • Costs and Benefits by David D. Platt
  • Dancing in the Darkness by Philip Conkling 
  • Stern Women by Karen Roberts Jackson
  • Brimstone by Philip Conkling 
  • "Removed" by Carl Little
  • Fine Days, Hunter's Moons by Capt. Ted Spurling, Sr.
  • Hypocrites to Holy People by Charles McLane
  • November Sun by Philip Booth