Featuring contributions by Eric Allaby, Charles McLane, and Cabot Martin, poetry by Hortense Flexner, and artwork by Alvan Fisher.


  • Exporting Experience by David D. Platt
  • "It's Our Boat" by Eric Allaby
  • Brave New Worlds by Philip Conkling
  • Crazy on the Rock by Karen Roberts Jackson
  • "A Black Hole on the Map of Hope" by Cabot Martin
  • Swimmers by David Conover
  • A Sea Change in Whale Research by David D. Platt
  • The Gyre by Spencer Apollonio
  • One collector's embracing passion for the art of Maine by Chris Crossman & Peter Ralston
  • Two Centuries of Maine Art by Donelson Hoopes
  • "A Writer of Songs & Nonsense" by James Rockefeller
  • "Sea Fog" by Hortense Flexner
  • Turning Back by Cynthia Bourgeault
  • Winning Isn't Everything, But Second Place Stinks by Roger Duncan
  • Hypocrites to Holy People by Charles McLane
  • The Little Island that Got Away by Al Diamon
  • Trespassing in Paradise by Edgar Allen Beem