Featuring contributions by Harry Thurston, David Conover, and John Hay, poetry by Robert Lowell, and artwork by Fairfield Porter. 


  • Old Rocks, Young Gulf by Joseph T. Kelley
  • "The System in the Sea" by Lloyd M. Dickie
  • Who Were They by Arthur E. Spiess
  • Head of the Gulf by Harry Thurston
  • Two Countries, Two Systems by David D. Platt
  • In Cod We Trusted by David Conover
  • Tell Them! by Richard C. Wheeler
  • How the State Ferry Service Came to Swan's Island by Cynthia Bourgeault
  • "The More Things Change, the More They Get the Same" by George Putz
  • The Great Maine Lobster War by Philip Conkling
  • A Shared Love of Place: Portraits by Jeff Dworsky
  • Water by Robert Lowell
  • The Art of Island Maine by Edgar Allen Beem
  • Growing Up on Chebeague: An Interview with Donna Damon by David D. Platt
  • "Camden, Clear!" by Jane Day
  • A Global Species by John Hay
  • Notes from the Shetlands, Prince Edward Island, and the Atlantic Rim by David D. Platt
  • Island Zen by David Weale