Featuring contributions by Robin Alden, Peter H. Spectre, and David Weale, poetry by Amy Clampitt, and artwork by Jamie Wyeth. 


  • Rooftops by George Putz
  • Are Islands in Maine's Future? by J. Mason Morfit 
  • Strange Bedfellows by Robin Alden
  • Fishing as a Foreign Language by Mike Brown
  • Bandit Island by Clinton Trowbridge
  • Cruising the Gulf of Maine, Part II by Thomas D. Cabot
  • Folio: Jamie Wyeth on Monhegan
  • Keeping the Past Present by Jane Day
  • Island to Island: A gathering of island historians
  • So You Want to Buy an Island? by Peter H. Spectre
  • Solitude by Philip Conkling
  • The Thin Edge by Richard Podolsky
  • This Island Earth: Prince Edward Island by Harry Bagole & David Weale 
  • What the Light was Like by Amy Clampitt
  • The Big Picture by Philip Conkling