Featuring contributions by Deborah Davis, Carl Little, and Robin de Campi, poetry by Hortense Flexner, and artwork by Jane Dahmen. 


  • Log of the Fish Hawk by Philip Conkling
  • Log of the Eider by David R. Getchell, Sr.   
  • Skidder Skipper by Christopher Lyman
  • Cruising the Gulf of Maine by Thomas D. Cabot
  • The Six Percent Solution by David D. Platt
  • Men of Iron by Philip Conkling
  • Small Wonders: A Look at Island Schools by Julie Ann Canniff
  • Thinking Like an Islander by Cynthia Bourgeault
  • Down the Ways: Al Norton of Acre Island by Jane Day
  • The Soul of a Working Boat by Mike Brown & George Putz
  • Photography Folio by Peter Ralston & Jeff Dworsky 
  • Me$$ing About in Boats by Mike Brown
  • The Accidental Ark: Islands Help Unravel the Thread of Evolution by Kenneth L. Crowell
  • Woods After Rain by Hortense Flexner
  • "La Grande Poetesee du Maine" by Carl Little
  • Happy Island by Hortense Flexner
  • New Light from Old Towers by Deborah Davis
  • Radio Waves: News from Offshore